DragNDropz Latest Version: 1.0.0 released on 12/3/2019

Centralized Image Gallery Software

Tested and works on PHP 5.x and PHP 7.x

Drag and Drop Simplicity

DragNDropz is a hosted centralized online image gallery software platform.  DragNDropz allows you to create unlimited image galleries using a simple drag and drop interface.  Share all of your pictures in customizable galleries via a direct link or use the share wizard to generate HTML code for embedded integration into any new website, existing websites, web pages, and content management systems (CMS).

DragNDropz includes a slideshow player, full screen interface for viewing images, and more.  Images can optionally be protected by watermarks with the click of a button.  The watermark can be changed and customized.  You can also create additional user accounts with different permissions to manage shared galleries.

Install Once, Use Forever

DragNDropz is a hosted software package that can be installed and used on any dedicated web host such as We Be HostiN.  It includes an easy-to-use web installer to get you up and running.  Once installed, you can manage your galleries, images, image descriptions, change image display order, upload images using a simple drag and drop interface, and more!  Use DragNDropz to share your digital photos, pictures, images, and artwork.

A single installation of DragNDropz can be used on an unlimited amount of domains, websites, pages, and content management systems.  DragNDropz produces HTML code containing your organized image galleries that can be shared anywhere.

Requirements & Installation

A web host that supports MySQL and PHP5+ is required to run DragNDropz.  The following PHP extensions must also be installed:

If you need website hosting with these features, please check out We Be HostiN.

For instructions on how to install DragNDropz, please read the DragNDropz Installation Guide.

DragNDropz Explained

DragNDropz Intro Video

Shows off the capabilities of DragNDropz

DragNDropz Install & Use Video

Explains how to install and use the DragNDropz platform.

DragNDropz Website Integration Video

Explains how to embed and share your image galleries on existing websites.


A license for the DragNDropz platform costs $50.  Each license covers minor product updates for the major version purchased.  For example, if you purchased a license for DragNDropz version 1.0.0 and updates were released to the version 1.x branch, these updates are available to you at no charge.  When a new major version is released, license upgrades will be available at a special price for users with a valid existing license.  Licenses do not expire.

To download the latest version your license covers, please click on the download link sent in your original order confirmation email or click here to have your license information resent.

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